Five AWESOME Book-to-screen adaptations

By Luisa María Martínez-Negret, Awesomebooks

Welcome! This is the second of a series of posts by yours truly, in which I’ll take you on a bit of a journey through my library.

Some stories are so good they make worlds appear in front of your eyes, they turn words into images, and build a whole universe for you to immerse yourself in.

The following books were so effective at doing that that they had to be translated into the screen. Have you read any of them? Have you seen the series they inspired? Tell us in the comments!

THE RINGS OF POWER — Based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Long before Bilbo Baggin’s and Frodo’s adventures, evil forces threaten Middle-earth. The Rings of Power follows an ensemble cast of both new and known faces as the major events of the Second Age of Middle-earth take place. The series sees a young and headstrong Galadriel go from a fearless warrior to the wise elder we see in the Lord of The Rings time.

This series takes an even deeper look into the lore of the world created by Tolkien, and if after watching the series you’re still hungry for more, pick up The Silmarillion or revisit the beloved trilogy that started it all.

THE HOUSE OF THE DRAGON — Based on FIRE & BLOOD by George R.R. Martin

The history of the House Targaryen was one of the biggest sources of questions in the fantasy series that became the world’s obsession. Now, The House of the Dragon seeks to answer them.

We return to the world of Game Of Thrones in this new HBO series, where the main focus is the rise and fall of the house that ruled over Westeros for hundreds of years before the rebellion that landed Robert Baratheon on the throne. Starring Matt Smith from The Crown and Doctor Who fame alongside Emma D’Arcy and Paddy Considine, the series has received glowing reviews, and has reignited the GoT craze. Delve deeper into the world of intrigue, scheming and betrayal when you get FIRE AND BLOOD, the book that inspired the series, or THE RISE OF THE DRAGON, an amazing visual introduction to the House of Targaryen.

HEARTSTOPPER — Based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novel

Alice Oseman first made her name online. Millions read her LBTQ+ web comic HEARTSTOPPER before her books made it into bookshop shelves, and now, after jumping from the internet into paper, HEARTSTOPPER makes yet another leap, this time into our TV screens!

The first season of HEARTSTOPPER available on Netflix, follows two teens, Nick and Charlie. Charlie is a highly strung, openly gay over-thinker, and Nick, a cheerful soft-hearted rugby player. When they meet at a British all-boys grammar school, friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more…?

The phenomenon this book and later the TV show caused only goes to show how important representation is, how seeing yourself on the page or on the screen can make the difference between feeling like the odd one out and being a part of something big, something beautiful, something important.

Heartstopper is a love story but also a love letter to all of those who at some point might have felt left out.

THE SANDMAN — Based on Neil Gaiman’s Comics

Another AWESOME fantasy adaptation in the list! (What a year it’s been for us fantasy fans, hasn’t it?) This one, like Heartstopper was not adapted from a book perse, but in this case, from a comic that ran from 1989 to 1996 written by Neil Gaiman, who you might know from iconic fils like Coraline, or last year’s Good Omens.

The Sandman stars Tom Sturridge as The Sandman/Morpheus, the personification of dreams who is captured in an occult ritual in 1916. After escaping, he sets out to restore his realm, and the series follows his efforts and his encounters with other powerful creatures straight out of a fairy tale… or a nightmare.

The series is the perfect balance of dark and fantastical, and encapsulates the feel of the comics perfectly. Unmissable for fans of Neil Gaiman and of myth-based stories.

THIS IS GOING TO HURT — Based on Adam Kay’s bestselling book

National treasure Ben Whishaw stars in the BBC adaptation of Adam Kay’s bestselling novel THIS IS GOING TO HURT. The 8 episode series follows his experiences as a junior doctor within the NHS, the highs and lows and everything in between with a dash of humour and a lot of heart. Even though the series is very enjoyable, to get the full experience you really ought to get lost within the pages of the book. Kay’s unique voice has made him into an icon that sells out shows all around the country when he goes on tour.

If you enjoyed THIS IS GOING TO HURT, you must read UNDOCTORED, his latest book. You’ll not only be getting more of Kay’s brilliant observations and insight into the life of a doctor that decided to quit, but when you get a copy of UNDOCTORED, you’ll be supporting The Lullaby Trust, an AWESOME organisation that works to raise awareness around Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and to support the families touched by the tragedy of losing a child. £5 of each copy will go towards them, and a book will also be donated to a child in a UK hospital.

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