YOU ARE AWESOME: Syrian Relief

Your purchases make an impact: this time it was all the way in Syria. Over the last year we were able to sponsor 7 children and a family that, like thousands, have been displaced due to the ongoing crisis.

Thanks to your support, we partnered with UK-Based Syrian Relief to provide them with food, shelter and education aids. We believe literacy is the stepping stone upon which a successful and fulfilling life is built, but we understand that in some cases, facilitating it encompasses more than just giving books to those who need them: sometimes other needs have to be addressed first, which is why we thought this was an awesome project to support.

Meet some of the kids that, thanks to you, received the help they needed to write the first chapter of what will be an awesome future.

Meet Saleh

Saleh is 11 years old, is in fifth grade, and wants to become a football player.

Meet Zarhaa

Zahraa is 11 years old and she dreams of becoming an interior designer.

Stay tuned to get to know more of how you make an impact with every book

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