AwesomeBooks + Rackets Cubed

Over 2500 books donated

The last year has changed a lot of things. We may not be able to be together and to support each other the way we were used to, but more and more we’ve seen how creative and innovative people can be to continue to help and work for their communities.

This is the case of Rackets Cubed, a program started in 2016 support local inner-city children from schools with a high IDACI rating (Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index). Before the pandemic, they hosted multiple sporting and educational activities, and provided nutritious meals for the attendees every week.
When the pandemic hit, they were quick to start a Community Box which seeks to continue with their Awesome mission to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve academic success by providing food, books and games to over 900 families per week.

“We realise there is a massive education gap to fill as the children have now had nearly a year of hit and miss schooling,” a representative of Rackets Cubed told us, and so we decided to step in. We believe that there’s nothing quite as powerful as reading to unite us, nothing quite as empowering either. Books are not only a window into another reality but also a stepping stone to guarantee a brighter future that, in the current circumstances, started to dull for many children due to the lack of resources at their disposal.

Thanks to the support of the Awesome customers that chose to make an impact with their transactions, we’ve been able to donate over 2,500 books to Rackets Cubed through WLF, benefitting hundreds of families across the UK.